Glucosamine And Hyaluronic Acid Tablets


Xena Bio Herbals is pre-eminent manufacturer and exporter of Glucosamine And Hyaluronic Acid Tablets all over the world. Xena Bio Herbals started its operation in 2002 and we are backed up by more than 10 years of research, in herbal pharmacotherapy, and have successfully produced a series of quality products. Many people spend countless hours using harmful beauty products to keep their skin looking vibrant and young. But there is a better way. They are a lubricating, clear substance that is produced by the body naturally.In the human body, Glucosamine And Hyaluronic Acid are found in the greatest concentrations in the skin, inside joints and also can keep your skin glowing and it also benefits your joints all without the harmful side effects of toxic skin products. we manufacture Tablets, capsule, syrup which make you beauty.Our customer satisfaction is our primary focus.


  • No side effects from this tablet
  • It helps to prevent Hydrates Dry and Aged Skin
  • Helps to reduce Wrinkles
  • It also treat Sores, Sunburns, and Wounds
  • Lubricates Achy Joints

Why Xena Bio Herbals:

Xena Bio Herbals started its operation in the year 2002.we are into manufacturing and exporting herbals raw material all over India. we offer and expertise all stages of Product Development to finished Products like Tablets, encapsulation, Powder filling, Soft Gelcaps etc. we offer you the Highest Quality of raw materials and formulations.We offer our products in packing like Bulks, Labelled Bottles.