Omega-3 500/1000mg sgc

Omega 3 fatty acids (also called3 fatty acids or n3 fatty acids) are fats commonly found in marine and plant oils. They are polyunsaturated fatty acids with a double bond (C=C) starting after the third carbon atom from the end of the carbon chain. The fatty acids have two end the acid (COOH) end and the methyl (CH3) end. The location of the first double bond is counted from the methyl end, which is also known as the omega () end or the n end.

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XGEAS3 Supplementation controls OMEGA Offers : Endothelial Function: Leads to reduction in systolic & e 100% Naturally derived Omega-3 FA diastolic Blood Pressure.Mercury Free Arrhythmia: Reduces 40% sudden cardiovascular e No Fishy odour coal 100% Halal Certified Triglyceride level by inhibiting VLDL-triglyceride a synthesis and secretion.

ISO Clover Composition:

Red Clover 100 mg
Soy Isoflavones 40% 30mg
Calcium Citrate 500 mg
Black Cohosh 20 mg Dosage:
Vitamin E 50 IU Tra Peri .


1)Phytoestrogen & Micronutrient
2)supplementationin the management of Menopause

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